About the FRIENDS

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Who are the FRIENDS?

The FRIENDS are members of a nonprofit 501(c)3 volunteer organization dedicated to the support and promotion of the Davenport Public Library. FRIENDS members are helpful people just like you supporting the mission to provide free and equal access to information to all Davenport residents.

What do FRIENDS do?

  • Sponsor special projects the Library cannot otherwise afford, such as the recent creation of a Toddler Read & Play Center.
  • Arouse community interest and focus attention on the Library.
  • Serve as a channel of communication between the community and the Library.
  • Stimulate gifts of books, magazines, and monetary donations.
  • Organize and conduct book sales.
  • Organize and conduct the recycled magazine sales.

Why be a FRIEND?

  • You are helping the Library acquire important books and other materials beyond its budget.
  • You are invited to attend previews of the FRIENDS' book sales and purchase books.
  • You will receive the Library's Main Entries newsletter in the mail.You may share your talents for an event or on a continuing basis.

The Library needs your enthusiastic support! FRIENDS' contributions to the Library enrich the collections of the Library and endow the following:

  • General book acquisitions
  • Library equipment & furnishings
  • Programs & workshops for people of all ages
  • Computer software
  • Video, CD, DVD & Audio Book collections

Each of these endowments depends upon community support. As a FRIEND, you can help ensure that your library keeps pace with the needs of the community.

Become a FRIEND of the Davenport Public Library

Anyone can be a FRIEND. If you are interested in joining, call 563.326.7841 for more information or send a check with your contact information (name, address, phone, and email) to FRIENDS of the Davenport Public Library, 321 Main Street, Davenport IA 52801-1490. Prefer to pay by credit card?, click on here to donate online.

Fundraising Activities

Formed as a 501(c)3 volunteer group in 1983, the FRIENDS of the Davenport Public Library is dedicated to assisting the Library in increasing its collection and enhancing other services to library patrons. The FRIENDS participate in a variety of fundraising activities, including:

  • Individual memberships
  • The Book Stores at the Fairmount Branch & Eastern Avenue Branch
  • On-going table book and magazine sales at Main Street
  • Birdies for Charity
  • Special Events such as the Chair-ity Auction or Galas

Through these fundraising projects, money is raised for a variety of programs and special purchases for the Library. Meanwhile, interest from the capital endowment continues to provide for collection enhancement. Planned gifts also provide for the secure future of the Library.

In addition to the monetary support, the FRIENDS give many hours of volunteer service to the Library. They are committed to supporting the Library as it faces the challenges of providing traditional services as well as expanding to meet the demands of new technology. The membership remains dedicated to its pledge, "to make a good library better".